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  • This is entirely up to you, but several considerations should be taken, including:
    1. The number of acres you’re renting.
    2. The number of other land owners near you who are renting their land for the same activities you are, and how much they are charging.
    3. The quality of the pictures on your listing to show off the landscape and wildlife.
    4. Whether your rental includes a dwelling, or guide services as well as the land rental.
    5. The number of active bookings you currently have. A filled calendar might mean you’re not charging enough. An empty calendar, while other properties around you are booked solid probably means you’re charging too much.
  • All of these factors need to be considered when setting your own price.
  • Creating an account and listings on the website and offering your land for rent, and/or expert guide services is FREE!!
  • iRentLand takes 10% of the reservation total price to cover expenses like payment processing fees, taxes, administrative costs, website maintenance, etc. For example, if your reservation total is $100/day, you will receive $90/day as a final payment.  We mail checks once per month by the fifth business day of the month after the rental concludes.
  • “Services” are NOT optional to outdoor enthusiasts when booking. If you add a service that a renter doesn’t want, they will likely not book your listing. For example, this might include a “life jacket fee” if you are offering a guided fishing tour.  Outdoor Enthusiasts CANNOT opt out of these.  If the outdoor enthusiast thinks they are too high, Outdoor Enthusiasts might feel as though your listing is a bait and switch, offering what appears to be a low rental rate, but very high service costs that are not optional. 
  • “Add-ons” are optional to outdoor enthusiasts when booking.  For example, this might include a dwelling, like a cabin, for hunters or ATV/Snowmobilers.  Maybe your land rents for $50/day and you want to offer a cabin for an additional $75/day to supplement your income.  Offering a dwelling as an “Addon” is a great option.  It would also be a good idea in the Listing title to add “optional 2BR 1BA cabin” to let outdoor enthusiasts know it’s possible to add a place to stay with your listing.
  • Yes. However, you need to take insurance into consideration and be sure to contact your insurance company about this and have the proper coverage in place.
  • The fee for listing a property with a dwelling increases from 10% to 15% as additional occupancy taxes and fees need to be paid by iRentLand.
  • The way to add a dwelling is under the “Add-ons” section when creating a listing.  DO NOT add a dwelling under the “Services” section when creating a listing as services are NOT optional to the outdoor enthusiast.  “Add-ons” ARE optional to the outdoor enthusiast when booking.

YES!  We are able to take professional pictures of your land including high elevation drone shots and wildlife photos.  Higher quality pictures attract more attention to your listing. 

Our rate for this service is a flat $150 per round trip* plus the IRS rate per mile (which is $0.625/mile for 2022) to and from zip code 53066 per trip*.  We will simply use Google Maps and determine the round trip distance to your address from zip code 53066.

*Multiple round trips are required for trail cams to capture wildlife.  If you opt for pictures of the land only and not the wildlife, only one trip is necessary.  Keep in mind that listings with pictures of the wildlife are more than three times more likely to be booked by Outdoor Enthusiasts who are interested in hunting. Hunters will want to see recent pictures (taken annually) of the wildlife on your property.  The first trip is to mount the trail cams, and the second trip to collect them.

Payment for this service must be made by check in advance of the service being booked and completed.  Please email us at [email protected] with subject line “Photography Service”, to schedule this service.

  • We will mail you a check.
  • Checks are mailed once a month within the first five business days of the month and will pay out any rental that concludes during the previous month. For example, a rental that goes from May 23 to May 28 would be paid by check in the first five business days of June. A rental that goes from May 30 to June 3 would be paid by check within the first five business days of July.
  • Please note that checks are cut during the first five business days of the month and will be sent first class mail by USPS. iRentLand does not control the amount of time it take for checks to arrive.
  • Yes. A minimum of 5 acres is required in order to offer your land for rental activity except camping, which requires at least one acre.
  • If local or state laws require more land, or prohibit the activity for which you want to rent your land, it is the responsibility of the land owner to know this and abide by those laws.
  • In order to offer land for rent, it is required to upload a satellite photo of the entire property with boundaries marked. (View the tutorial of how to do this HERE).
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts are encouraged to use apps that mark property boundaries, as well.
  • No. Part of the sign-up process is choosing which types of activities you want to offer.  Please note that a separate listing is required for each activity you want to offer.  For example, if you want to offer hunting and camping but not ATV, snowmobiling or fishing on the same property, you will need to create two listings. 
  • You will need to manage the calendars for each listing to ensure there is no overlap.  For example, if you have one listing for hunting and another for camping on the same property, and someone books hunting for Oct 10-15, then you will need to block those dates off your listing for camping.  However, in that scenario, it is probably a good idea to contact the hunters to tell them they are not able to camp on the land unless they also book a camping listing.  If they say they are not going to camp, then go into your camping listing and block off Oct 10-15 to ensure another group of interested campers doesn’t also book during those dates.
  • Please contact us at [email protected] or 262-477-5747 with any questions on how to manage your listings.
  • Land owners are responsible for knowing if they are legally able to hunt, snow mobile, ATV, camp or fish on their land; and if there are any laws restricting rentals for those activities. Part of the Terms & Conditions required for landowners to sign up requires them to acknowledge this.
  • Landowners are required to acknowledge in the Terms & Conditions that they have consulted with their insurance carrier regarding insurance coverage options and limitations that might exist. In the unlikely event of a claim or a dispute, any claims or disputes are to be settled between the land owners and renter(s), and their respective insurance carriers, and are not the responsibility of iRentLand LLC.
  • Absolutely. Guide services enhance the experience of outdoor enthusiasts and help ensure they have the most enjoyable time possible.
  • There are tax considerations that should be made for guides, as guides are considered to be making self-employment income when they offer their services. Your rental will likely need to be considered a Schedule C rental for reporting on your personal income taxes.
  • iRentLand is not, and does not, give any tax advice, other than to recommend you consult a tax professional to ensure you are following all reporting requirements.
  • When offering your property for rent, if you intend to include optional guide services, be sure to check the “Guide Services Offered” button to let outdoor enthusiasts know why your rental might cost a little more, and allow them to find you when they filter their search to “include guided experiences”.
  • The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires US companies that process payments (called “Third Party Settlement Organizations), including iRentLand LLC, to report gross earnings for all US users who earn over $20,000 and/or have 200+ transactions in the calendar year. If you exceed either IRS threshold in a calendar year, iRentLand LLC will issue you a Form 1099-K.
  • While this is an extremely unlikely occurrence, please immediately call local authorities and have them help resolve the problem right away if you notice this during the rental period. Then, please report this to iRentLand and we will investigate and potentially ban the renter. If you have any documentation, such as a police report or photos/videos of this, please include that in your communication to iRentLand. Our email address is [email protected].
  • Though this situation is extremely unlikely, please consult your insurance company regarding reimbursement for potential damages to your property. It’s important to ask your insurance company questions like these before offering your land for rent. If any renter does cause damage to your property, please inquire with your renter regarding their Property Damage Liability Insurance coverage. They are required to have this type of insurance to rent your land.
  • You, as the landowner, are not able to cancel a reservation. Just like you wouldn’t appreciate it If you booked a hotel for a vacation and the hotel called you and said they canceled your reservation; landowners are expected to honor the reservations they take. In extremely rare and extenuating circumstances, this might need to happen (for example: if you sell the land before an already booked reservation takes place). We will work this out with you and the renter on a case-by-case basis, and you will need to provide documentation and return the full amount of the reservation.
  • Renters are also not permitted to cancel a reservation, however, they do have the option to communicate with you and request a change of dates. Approving this is entirely at your discretion. No refunds will be given.
  • If you choose to allow a renter to change the dates of their reservation, you may absolutely re-list the dates of their original reservation.

Outdoor Enthusiast

  • Land owners are required to upload a satellite photo of the entire property with boundaries marked. Stay within these boundaries. If you have any questions whatsoever about property lines, please ask the landowner before engaging in the activities of your rental. Other resources, such as apps like OnXHunt, or HuntWise are great resources for land boundary reference.
  • This is currently a limitation of the platform of the site.  The only rental type which DOES allow you to book more than one day in a row is camping.
  • There are a lot of great features to the platform we’ve chosen to use.  However, the ability to book more than one day in a row was limiting some other critical functionality.  So we made the decision to limit each reservation to one day with the exception of camping.  
  • Should you wish to book, for example, a five day hunting trip; you will simply need to make five reservations.  We understand it’s not the most convenient, and we will be working on a way around this; but for now, please be patient and make multiple reservations for a multi-day adventure.
  • Creating an account to rent land is FREE!!
  • iRentLand assesses a “Service Fee” to cover expenses like payment processing fees, administrative costs, taxes, website maintenance, etc.
  • iRentLand also has a “Land Conservation Fee” of a flat $1 per day. We donate 100% of that to various non-profit groups that align with our values. For more information, please visit our “Giving Back” page.
  • Renters are required to abide by all laws. Part of the Terms & Conditions for renters to sign up requires you to acknowledge this.
  • Renters are required to acknowledge in the Terms & Conditions that they have consulted with their insurance carrier regarding insurance coverage options and limitations that might exist. Renters are also required to acknowledge that they have purchased and currently have Property Damage Liability Coverage before renting. In the unlikely event of a claim or dispute, any claims or disputes are to be settled between the land owners and renters, and their respective insurance companies and are not the responsibility of iRentLand LLC.
  • You are NOT able to cancel your reservation.
  • HOWEVER, you may communicate with the land owner through the messaging function within the website and request that they change the dates of your reservation. This is at the landowner’s sole discretion.
  • Please email us at [email protected] or call us at 262-477-5747 during operating hours.



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